How to Find Relief From Politics

I grew up in the late 80’s: shoulder pads, multi-layer polo shirts, socks pulled ‘over’ jeans, and lipstick bands. I love music. I’ve attached such strong memories to songs over the years. I hear the lyrics first and the melody second. To me, that’s what makes it real. I need to understand the meaning of a song; that intimate place an artist is coming from, before I’m able to experience it. The apple doesn’t fall far.

As a kid, I remember looking up at the stars, from my bedroom window every night and wondering what life had in store … where I’d be in the next week, month, year. I had a hard time staying in the present (still do). I’d say a little prayer that started off with “Are you there God, it’s me Donna.” It’s funny to think back; I can see the neighborhood playground, the second swing hung lopsided and the front gate was broken. There was a narrow pathway leading up to the woods where I smoked my first cigarette. Virginia Slims. I don’t understand why people smoke.

My parents called me Donna-Do because I’ve always needed to be busy (still do). I ‘officially’ started working in the family deli (Ferony’s) once I got my papers, but as soon as I was tall enough to reach the counter (by stool), I was bagging customers at the cash register. It was one of those old push button registers that made a loud ‘ding’ when the draw opened. And it opened fast, nearly knocking me off the stool every time.

I spent my formative years in suburban New York (West-ches-tah), in a democratic household. My grandmother had a picture of JFK hanging on the wall of her bedroom (still does). Mom was an LPN. Dad worked at IBM Research Center for 45 years as a computer technician, right out of high school. He’s the type of guy you can depend on, honest and hardworking, no judgment, no bullshit, says what he means and means what he says. Real. You do not, however, want to get him on the subject of politics, especially during an election year. He has no tolerance for the rhetoric. In his words, “politicians suck”. And, I’d venture to say that there are quite a few Americans sharing that same sentiment. In fact, I’m willing to bet on it … that’s right, we’ve created a bop bag line, featuring the 2016 candidates for president. We’ve even got Obama in there for good measure ?

Are you angry at politicians who don’t mean what they say? Are you frustrated by a political system that seems incapable of supporting the American people? Are you anxious about the direction our country is going? You are not alone. Relieve your state of mind and get your fun on! Bonk Trump, Bonk Huckabee, Bonk Hillary, Bonk Rand Paul, Bonk ‘em all … right in the kisser! It feels good to get it out. Dad – this one’s for you!

Do you know someone who’d benefit from blowing off a little political steam? Share this post and bestow the gift of stress relief. Ahhh.

Donna Brin is the Founder of Pueri Elemental, an award-winning design company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative consumer products for all ages. We’re reinventing fun for everyone!


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