7 Reasons Why Bonk Fit is Number One

Why is Bonk Fit the #1 Selling Inflatable Punching Bag in America?!?

Now shipping from the beautiful coast of South Carolina to countries all over the world, Bonk Fit is the top selling inflatable punching bag of its kind. Here are just some of the reasons why people buy Bonk Fit ...

#1. Quality Quality Quality

When we say “quality,” we really mean it. Bonk Fit pop up inflatables are made from high-performance polyurethane, the same material used to make an air mattress. If it’s strong enough to endure the weight of adults doing who knows what, then it’s certainly kid-tough! Because we work closely with our domestic (mostly local) suppliers who set the highest-quality standards, we guarantee that Bonk Fit is made from the best by the best. Plus, we put our money where our mouth is with a one-year warranty.

#2. Fun Custom Options

Bonk Fit comes with a sturdy fabric skin that’s machine-washable and customizable! That’s right, now you can turn your favorite picture into a one-of-a-kind gift for kids or adults. And, you can create more skins for use on your Bonk Fit inflatable. Give your Bonk Fit inflatable a brand new look for half the cost … think holiday gift, family celebration, branding and promotion - oh, the possibilities.

#3. Award-Winning Designs

Bonk Fit’s renowned design team works closely with you to create your custom design or choose from our award-winning Bonk Fit Collections. Our unique designs are inspired by trending concepts from around the world as well as beloved American classics, meaning one day you may feel like a Zombie Kid and the next day, you may want to go one-on-one with a Personalized Party Ninja. The bottomline is we got you covered.

#4. Outstanding Customer Service

We know everyone has busy schedules, which is why our friendly staff is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

- Our website Live Chat makes it easier than ever to reach us immediately.
- Is email more your thing? support@bonkfit.com 
- Or, you can speak with an actual person by calling 866 639 1430.

#5. Good Health & Fitness

Just 20 minutes of daily exercise is all a kid needs for good health and good sleep. Old school inflatable punching bag to the rescue ... absolutely! Bonk Fit gives kids a positive place to get the energy out. We like to call it ‘exercise in disguise’. They'll punch and tumble, kick and chop until completely exhausted. You’re welcome.

#6. Made in America

Bonk Fit is produced in South Carolina by people like you and me. People who work hard and play harder; people who care about quality and craftsmanship; people who put a love for family and country first, always. When you buy Bonk Fit, you're creating jobs and you’re helping to keep them here in the U.S.A. That's what I'm talking about!

#7. Woman-Owned

My name is Donna Brin. I am owner of Bonk Fit and mom to two high-energy boys. They are my world. They are also my daily double shot of insanity. I developed Bonk Fit out of pure need; my boys needed a positive physical outlet and I needed a break. I know that I’m not alone. I approach my business as I do my parenting … with honesty and empowerment. Being deliberate about supporting women-owned businesses puts real power behind action. Even if you’re not a woman, it’s not that hard to realize how important it is to support the people who do good, regardless of gender, and make sure this world is shaped in a way that all people may contribute.

Why do you buy Bonk Fit Inflatable Punching Bags? Please share your experience in a comment below.

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Linda C

I think Bonk Fit is amazing!! My son really likes it. I think it is a good toy for him for exercise and stress release. I am glad you have lots of choices on the Bonk Fit so kids can choose what they like.

I have found I can use Jackson, too. I hit him much more gently than my son but use it to exercise my arms. We used rice to fill Jackson and while he doesn’t bounce back as well we preferred rice in the house than sand. (I know it shouldn’t tear but just the thought of sand in the house didn’t appeal to me and it was easier using rice.) Besides when Jackson is down our Jon wrestles him. LOL! This is a good toy for him during the long cold winter months in Iowa. I feel Jackson is worth the money we spent!

I am very happy I found your site when I was looking for punching bags. Keep up the good work. A great quality punching bag! Thank you!


Helped my sons hitting/kicking issues! My toddler, a little after turning two, was staring to hit and kick people a lot. We do not use violence in our house and a lot of people said it would just be a phase and he works grow out of it in a couple weeks. Well weeks turned into months! Bought this and we told him when he wants to hit or kick he can do so on this. He did and within like a week maybe two, the novelty I guess wore off and he stopped hitting/kicking people. He would often run by and give this bag a punch and move on to whatever he was doing. I do wish they had non “personified” designs to choose from like colors or patterns instead of having them punch and kick animals. I chose ninja design thinking it went more along with the concept but then he kept asking for a sword since the ninjas on the bag have a sword. Not a huge deal and he forgot about/moved on after a month or so. Side note: we tried to discourage use of this if he was actually angry/had built up aggression as we wanted to teach him to fave and deal with that non violanth, and encouraged it more so when he just needed to let off energy. He got the difference fairly quickly.

Lee K

The whole family (6.5 year old boy and 1.5 year old girl) love the 5’ whale BonkFit! The double skin is genius. We were shopping around for something like this and all the reviews pointed to you, and it lived up to the hype. We used uncooked rice as the ballast. Thank you for this!!!

Desiree K

We are loving Emma the owl! She gets sat on, punched, tackled, hugged and kissed good night, ridden like a rocket… you name it she’s experienced and survived it! So happy to have her! I’ll be sure to share my experience with friends and family via FB and Instagram before the holiday season. Thank you!

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