7 Reasons Why You Should Always Find Something to Laugh About

Life is stressful. Finding ways to keep calm on a daily basis is challenging, especially because for most of us, our environment gets the best of us.

Even if you do have a mellow demeanor and the patience of a saint, these days most people you interact with don't know how to let things happen. The overwhelming tendency is to force situations and create tons of stress in the process. It's not healthy for anyone.

What I’ve done in this post is give you 7 reasons why incorporating laughter into your everyday life is the best way to diffuse stress and better enjoy the world around you.

Now this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to laugh your way through every single situation. What it does mean, however, is that this post will put you on a faster path for finding ways to make your life less stressful and more livable.

'Nothing feels as good to me as laughing incredibly hard.' - Steve Carell

Reason 1: You Get Mad When Things Don’t Go Your Way.

Nothing in life is a guarantee. Things inevitability go wrong from time to time and, when they do, if you don’t know how to roll with it, you’ll drive yourself and the people around you absolutely nuts. Learn how to find humor in the situation. Turn teeth-grinding aggravation into a bright smile. Go ear to ear with it … make it count. Trust me, a sincere smile can turn a tense situation right around and fast.

Reason 2: You Don’t Let It Go.

Holding on to anger and frustration is toxic for the body and mind. Negative feelings cloud your judgment and create stress that could lead to all sorts of health issues. If you screw up, take responsibility. We're human. We make mistakes. Own up to it. Learn how to laugh at yourself @govgaryjohnson #whatisallepo It's your best way forward. 

Reason 3: You’re a Worrier.

Worrying is a complete waste of time and energy. Instead of worrying about what you can’t control, focus on what you can … yourself. Get rid of the negative energy. Do something silly. Find a reason to laugh. Lately, I get a kick out of saying, “I do not say, blah blah blah,” in Count Dracula's voice. I may look like a total goofball, skipping around the driveway in repeat mode, but man it feels great.

Reason 4: You Don’t Admit When You’re Wrong.

No one likes to be wrong. The fact of the matter is we’re all wrong sometimes. Being able to admit wrongdoing makes you a better person. It brings you relief and helps you to let go and move on. Coming up with a million and one excuses of why you’re not to blame makes you look foolish. It leads to a life of constant confrontation. Poke fun at yourself for being wrong. Use laughter to turn a mistake into valuable lesson learned. It's the right thing to do. 

Reason 5: You’re Afraid of Failure.

Failure is good. It’s what makes success so sweet. Go for what you want. Don’t expect someone else to do the heavy lifting. Make your own decisions and do it. Get uncomfortable. Take risks. Use laughter to keep yourself calm and on-track. It never ceases to amaze me how a little bit of fun at work goes such a long way.

Reason 6: You Don’t Go the Extra Mile.

You do just enough to get by? When you commit, you’ve got to go all the way or why bother at all. Seeing things through shows that you care. Exceeding expectations shows you’ve given it your heart and soul. And, nothing is more rewarding than that in the end. Nothing.

Reason 7: You Don’t Know How to Laugh at Yourself.

Learning to laugh at your own mistakes and flaws means you love and accept yourself. Laugh at yourself; it feels good. Laughter gives us the ability to enjoy life even when times are tough. Life isn’t about hiding behind the things that make you different; it’s about being all you can be. Embrace your everyday weirdness. Make life fun again.

When it comes to finding something to laugh about, if you want to do it right, you need to make it personal. That’s why I created Bonk Yourself ...

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The best thing we can all do is … roll with the punches, let go of what we can not change, turn worry into positive energy, admit our mistakes, embrace our failures, go the extra mile, and learn how to laugh our way through your journey, and you’ve got the best chance of getting the most out of life.

May you always find something to laugh about!

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