Celebrate the Ridiculous with Bonk Yourself Political Punching Bags

political gag gift

Politics are no laughing matter. Except when they totally are!

Introducing from Pueri Elemental, Bonk Yourself Political punching bag toys!

When you simply need an outlet after a long day at work, or a hilarious Presidential Debate, our customizable bonk bags are there for you.

Tired of Donald J. Trump's loud mouth, Hillary Clinton's pantsuits, or Dr. Ben Carson's monotone voice? Celebrate the ridiculous with your own political bonk punching bag!

The perfect gift for your political junkie friend, your uncle who talk politics at Thanksgiving, or for friendly family debates, our Political Bonk Bags are a great addition to relieve stress and laugh while doing it.

It’s the most fun you can have during an election, well almost. Those debates are pretty fun to watch ;)

Elect BonkYourself in 2016 - we may not be able to run the country, but we can sure put a smile on your face.



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