Easy Ways To Get Kids To Exercise

Coaxing your kids off the couch for exercise, without completely losing your mind, takes some serious patience and skill!

When my kids are laying around the house, hounding me to use a tablet, I want to scream, at the top of my lungs, "go outside and find something to do". Because you know the minute they pick up that tablet, they’re surfing YouTube to watch other kids unwrapping new stuff - EvanTubeHD is killing me. Another one of my common yelps is, "Put the Fidget Spinner down and get outside!” But, I find myself saying those things less and less and here's why … 

Do you remember leaving the house right after breakfast and not returning until the street lights came on? I do. Do you remember walking around the neighborhood park to meet friends? I do. Do you remember running through the cold water blast from an open fire hydrant? I do. My kids don't. Why? I’m not comfortable letting them play away from home unsupervised.

For most parents, the fear of something happening to a child while we 'should' be watching is unforgivable. Maybe we watch too much Law & Order. Maybe we are traumatized by the evening news. Maybe we are too tightly wound. The bottomline is most of us will not let our kids out of sight. 

A recent poll of 3,000 parents by online parenting guide familiesonline.co.uk found that parents don’t let children play outside on their own until they are, on average, 10½ – three years older than when they themselves were allowed to do the same. “Stranger danger” was the biggest fear, with half saying this worried them most, while four in 10 said traffic was their top concern.

I work from home; my husband works from home; and it's summertime. I’m not comfortable letting my 5 and 8 year old leave the yard. Sometimes I don't even like leaving them in the backyard unattended. We had some crazy guy fall asleep at the wheel and drive straight across our next door neighbor's lawn … in the middle of the day. Really.

Then, there is this insane situation, well-documented in a blog post by Scary Mommy. The post is entitled, "Child Services refuses to erase record of mom who let her kids play outside alone."

Here's the million dollar question. How do you encourage your kids to get physical, be independent, and stay safe. Bonk Fit. 

I’m a mom of two high-energy boys. They are my world. They are also my daily double dose of insanity. Old school inflatable punching bag to the rescue ... absolutely! Our super-cool inflatable punching bags give them a positive place to 'release the crazies’ as I like to call it. 

The trouble is none of the portable punching bags or inflatable bop bags on the market could outlast my boys. In fact, most inflatables broke within the first hour! So I decided to make it myself, using high-performance urethane for the inflatable and adding a sturdy fabric 'skin' that easily slides overtop ... and the skin is customizable. Upload any quality image and create your own custom skin. Image that.

Just 20 minutes of daily exercise is all a kid needs for good health and good sleep. Here's our first workout video for kids with Bonk Fit. It's super-easy and fun to follow along, in the living room, on the deck, or in the yard ... as long as you don't have crazy neighbors like mine ; )  

We like to say Bonk Fit is fitness in disguise. Best of all, they hit the bed hard … I mean, lights out, not a peep until morning kind-of-tired. Beautiful. 

Make your job easier as a parent with Bonk Fit. Click here to learn more.

And, if you give them time on a tablet (we all do), make it count with Bonk Fit. Join our YouTube channel to watch cool Fun Kids Workout Videos using Bonk Fit and starring Ollie Drama, King Crazy, and Eva Diva from the block.

We’d love to know how you get your kids to exercise? Please share your favorite way in a comment below.



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