Why Sports Coaches Love Bonk Fit
Some people call it a job, and others a profession, but in reality, being a great sports coach is not that at all ... it's a calling. Sports coaches are expected to keep athletes engaged in their sport while dealing with competing priorities, create a fun environment to keep everyone enjoying their sport, and improve technical and sport specific skills to help everyone improve and progress in their sport. And there's more ... 
"By becoming a coach, you have chosen to work with young athletes. You have chosen to guide them through the trials and tribulations of learning two beautiful games: sport and life. You are in a position to change their lives forever, not only by making them better athletes, but better people. You are a leader, you are a role model, you are a person who serves your athletes, and you are a person to whom they entrust their physical and emotional well-being." John O'Sullivan, published in Coaching and Leadership

What I’ve done in this post is offer key insights, from top coaches in their sport, about why Bonk Fit works for them and the kids they inspire to greatness, day in and day out. Now this doesn’t mean that coaches should build sports program around Bonk Fit (well, you could!). What it does mean, however, is that this post will show you why some coaches choose Bonk Fit as their goto sports trainer.


Bonk Fit is a portable pop-up inflatable with custom slip-on skins for teaching kids proper blocking and tackling techniques in a better and safer way. This high-performance tackle dummy aligns with Heads Up Football to make safety an essential part of your youth program.

With a durable low-impact surface, kids practice blocking and shoulder tackling without injury. Intense bounce back action translates neurologically; kids see their impact while avoiding direct physical contact with teammates. Kids master skills with reduced risk of head trauma. 

Bonk Fit is great for warmup drills, obstacles, agility training ... weave 'em, bob 'em, smack 'em back. It's all about building those skills! 

"I didn’t believe Bonk Fit pop-up inflatables would be an effective tool in a football application. Boy, was I wrong!!! We tried them at The Jadeveon Clowney / YMCA / Sylvia Circle Demons football skills camp. We were able to use them in numerous applications; the kids couldn't keep their hands off of them. A must have for any football team." - Coach Perry Sutton, Sylvia Circle Demons, Rock Hill SC


Teach kids the essential skills of martial arts safely and effectively with Bonk Fit. Soft low-impact surface allows kids to practice proper technique without injury. Punch with knuckles and kick with the ball of their foot - no broken toes, no jammed fingers. Intense bounce back action from delivering actual punches and kicks translates neurologically. Extreme sensitivity to movement makes Bonk Fit a perfect tool to teach focus and control - hit without making the bag move, graze it or pull a punch. 

"We have both the medium & small for use in our Dojo and with our Rock Steady Boxing program. Everyone loves using them! It gives a different neurological feedback than the heavy bags. Plus it’s safe for our younger children ...no more injured toes or jammed fingers. I appreciate the washabity of the covers and the custom branding aspect. Well made — excellent value." - Sansei Virginia Larioza 



Bonk Fit is great for warmup drills to get little hearts pumping and ready for learning. Use Bonk Fit as an aiming target from multiple angles and distances to help kids improve serve and return accuracy. It's a perfect training tool to engage young children who are learning to play a sport.  

“Bonk Fits help us every day on the court. As bright and colorful targets, kids can use them as a point of reference on the court in every kind of tennis drill and game. One of the best parts of using Bonk Fits on the court is their versatility, we use them in situations to help regulate the size and shape of advanced players swings as well as for obstacle courses with our youngest players.” - Coach Benjamin Jacob of Court 16 Tennis Remixed 



Bonk Fit is a portable pop-up inflatable with custom branded slip-on skins to make your soccer program fun, fresh, and engaging for young kids. Bonk Fit is great for warmup drills, obstacle layouts, dribbling practice and more. Line 'em up side-by-side to create a defense wall. Great to use as goalie for practicing free kicks, especially when you have a small number of players. 

It's a perfect training tool to engage young children who are learning to play soccer. 


Bonk Fit pop-up inflatables is a fun new way to keep young athletes engaged in their sport. Sports coaches can create a fun environment to keep kids enjoying their sport and improving technical and sport specific skills. It's great for warmup drills and agility training. Best of all, Bonk Fit is American-made (in South Carolina) and family-owned! 

How would you incorporate Bonk Fit in your youth sports program? Please tell us your thoughts in a comment below.

Photo credit: Keith Johnston


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Michael Bowling

What a great concept! As a basketball coach I can see that (aside from the pure fun of their use) they would make great dribbling obstacles. Their 3D size would work much better to practice against when teaching the players to drive to the basket. I can also see using them as static defenders for shooting practice. Players need to shoot up close to the pop-up inflatables to develop the vertical aspects of that ark which coaches love to see. I plan on having my players practicing against Jordan, James, and Curry soon!

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