Make PE Class Great Again

I bet it feels like yesterday you were teaching your very first PE class, jazzed up to build your equipment arsenal, when suddenly, bam, you're more than five years in, the equipment is tired, and you're tapped-out of ideas.  

Do you ever feel like you need to recharge your PE class ... mix things up a bit? Hold onto your whistle!

Finding ways to make your PE class more fun and engaging can be super-challenging, especially because, not every kid is going to be “into” PE in the first place.

Coach Roesch here. What I’ve done in this post is give you three new PE games, using my favorite piece of PE equipment, Bonk Fit. As an added bonus, I've also included a few links to articles that I've found helpful, from one PE teacher to another.

I’m all about sharing experiences and seeing what sticks. After all, we want the same thing, right … to be engaging PE teachers, to make a difference in our student’s lives, to instill healthy habits at an early age that will carry over into adulthood. I’m not promising with this post that you’ll have every single kid at full attention and ready to participate. What I am saying, however, is that this post will put you in a better position for making your PE class THE class that students want to attend.   

It begins with Bonk Fit, portable fitness inflatables with soft fabric skins you can customize with any design like your school logo or mascot.

During class outside on our awesome new basketball court, I brought out a half dozen Bonk Fit. Our school is super-small so I teach K4 and Kinder together in one class for a total of 18 kids. Yes, be jealous! I started thinking about the classic games that I used to love at a kid. Simon Says was one of my all-time favorites.

As part of our Bonk Fit equipment package, we purchased skins of a super-cute King Penguin named Logan. With that, we re-invented the classic game of Simon Says into a listen game driven by physical exercise. And, we named it Logan Says.

I set up three rows of 6 Bonk Fit products in our soccer field. Each student got their own Logan Penguin. I stood in front and center, calling out fun physical activities as “Logan”. For example, Logan says ‘one-two punch’, Logan says ‘round-house kick’, etc. The kids came up with some great suggestions, bounce off Logan, which I must say was absolutely hilarious. The kids were good. It was not easy to stump them. My ace in the hole was Logan says ‘hide behind Bonk Fit’ now … jump up. I got a whopping 6 kids out with that one!

Before diving into PE game idea #2, I wanted to share some useful links with you. You know I absolutely love being a PE teacher. I feel like it was something that I was born to do. I'm always looking for great articles and blogs written by other PE professionals to keep me at the top of my PE game. The PE Geek has got it dialed-in. I really like this post on Why Good Teaching is all that Matters. And, there are some great nuggets of information in 15 Fantastic Ways to be a Better PE Teacher

Now onto my second game idea using Bonk Fit. We took the classic game of Musical Chairs and reimagined it for Bonk Fit. We is renamed Musical Bonk Fit, but of course. Same concept, same rules. To watch kids literally dive for a Bonk Fit when the music stopped was beyond awesome. I use a portable speaker now (a Christmas gift from my husband) so the sound quality of music in my PE class is ridiculously awesome. This game is so much more fun when student can be so physical. 

My third and final Bonk Fit game idea is called Polar Bear tag. I asked the students where penguins live and who a penguin’s greatest predator. I wound up having to explain the meaning of ‘predator’ which I loved … incorporating an element of learning in PE makes my class.

For the setup, I scattered Bonk Fit Penguins around the field. One student is designated as 'The Polar Bear', aka the ‘Tagger’. One Bonk Fit is selected to be the 'base'. Students are allowed to stay on the base for no more than five seconds at any given time. No puppy guarding! Once a student is tagged, he or she becomes a Polar Bear as well. Each new Polar Bear picks a new base, so it helps with attention and memory skills. One of my Kinder’s made up this tag game. Sometimes, the students become the teacher. Make sure you listen!


If you want to make your PE class more fun and engaging, Bonk Fit is the new PE equipment you need. The best part is Bonk Fit makes classic game play more fun and physical! And, don't forget to listen to your students because they may very well come up with the most creative game ideas of all.

I love hearing from our readers. Please share your thoughts in a comment below.



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