Make Classic PE Games Awesome

My name is Coach Roesch. I am a Bonk Fit-aholic. No joke!

Bonk Fit portable custom inflatables bring my PE class to the 'next level of physical' every time I pull them out of the equipment closet. When my kids light up with this amount of enthusiasm, I know my job is done. Now I'm excited to share my new find with you.

What I’ve done in this post is show you how to make a classic PE game awesome with Bonk Fit. In addition, I've peppered in some tips and tricks of the trade, from one dedicated PE teacher to another.

It all begins with Bonk Fit, portable fitness inflatables with sturdy fabric skins you can customize. It's a pretty great feeling to have kids run up to you saying, “Coach … these are the coolest. Spirit is on them!” Spirit the lion is our school mascot. Our Bonk Fit package is pictured below. How cool is that?

If you've read my previous posts, then you know I love sticking with the classic games, because let's face it, they are classics for a reason. Anyone remember playing, “Button, Button, Where’s the Button?” If you don’t, it is really simple. In a designated play area, one student hides a “button” while the other students turn around with eyes closed. Coach screams "go" and students hunt around within the play area to find the “button”. The first student to find it wins the round.

In this scenario, I placed Bonk Fit in the play area. I had a small rubber frisbee that was squeezable and easily hidden underneath a Bonk Fit. While students covered their eyes, I hid the “button”. I yelled, “Go!”. That was the signal to run and look for the “button”.

Students ran through Bonk Fit like wildfire, hitting and knocking them down only to have them pop right back up again. Kids had to work extra hard to get a good look underneath; it was hilarious!

The winner was given a special job. He picked a number from 1-10 and then an activity for the rest of the student to do. For example, eight mountain climbers, ten push-ups, three burpees, etc. Everyone, but the winner, had to do the chosen activity. Checkout our game play in the video below.


As you can see, the student who found the “button” was extremely excited. He chose push-ups as the activity. I told the kids to "reset”. That means the winner hides the button, once the other students are turned around with eyes closed. I yelled "go". 

My rule of thumb is whoever touches the button first is the winner, not whoever sees it first. I had one student who hid the “button” up in the skin, which was clever, but I decided it was against the rules. If two students end up touching the “button” at the same time, I have them play one round of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide the winner.

Speaking of fighting, arguing, or general conflict; I came across a resolution technique that works very well. I got this idea from a recent PE conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. It is called, “Conflict Corner”. If two students have a conflict of any kind (other than something where someone can be physically hurt), they must work it out themselves in the “Conflict Corner.” It is literally a safe corner, outside of the play area, where they must talk out the issue together. If they can not work it out, and only then, I get involved. This empowers students to deal with issues on their own rather than relying on a higher authority to solve their problems for them. I love the message. And, I especially love the result. 

We played this game for the entire class. When class was over, the kids let out a harmonious sigh. I had to laugh out loud. You've got to love it!

In the spirit of Bonk Fit and new products fun and physical, we decided to rename the game to “Bonk, Bonk, Which Bonk?".


Bonk Fit is the new PE equipment you need. The best part is Bonk Fit makes classic game play more fun and physical! Best of all, Bonk Fit inflatables are guaranteed to last one-year - anything happens, and they'll send you a free one at no extra cost. I can't wait for Field Day!

Click here to learn more about Bonk Fit for Schools & Universities.

We love hearing from our readers. Please share your thoughts in a comment below. Until next time, happy Bonking and play safe.



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