How to Make Your Brand Memorable

Consumers expectations are rising, fast. They want brands to know them. They expect brands to wow them. They want to feel special. They need to be delighted … they want it all and they want it now. Yikes. 

An IBM Institute for Business Value report brings this fact into sharp focus: 

  • 76% of consumers expect organizations to understand their individual needs
  • 81% of consumers demand improved response time
  • 68% anticipate organizations will harmonize consumer experience

    The primary driver of ever-rising consumer expectations is … Amazon.

    Scot Wingo, Co-Founder of ChannelAdvisor calls today's increasing consumer expectations the “Amazon Effect.” Their objective isn’t to meet expectations. Rather, their objective is to exceed customer expectations such that customer expectations increase by way of the service they provide. Focusing on the customer has been the hallmark of Amazon since the early days. “We’re not competitor obsessed, we’re customer obsessed. We start with the customer and we work backwards ... We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient,” says founder Jeff Bezos.

    Are you challenged with getting ahead of the expectations curve? Well, I’m here to tell you … there’s hope for winning over customers and rising above the Amazon swell. And, it begins with experiential marketing.

    “Stars are not praised for shining during the day, but at night.” - Matshona Dhliwayo

    What I’ve done in this post is offer insights about how to enhance consumer experiences through experiential activation. Now this doesn’t mean that you’ll win-over every customer overnight. What it does mean, however, is that this post will help you to create meaningful experiences for your customers and, in turn, get your brand wider reach and exposure.

    In a nutshell, traditional advertising isn’t as effective anymore. If you want to connect with your customers, then you need to give them unique experiences ... something they'll fondly remember and want share unto others with a great big smile. 

    At your next event, bring an element of physicality to your product and brand. Indulge your audience’s curiosity and playfulness.

    “Hands-on experiential events tend to give greater engagement. It’s the main reason why brands are spending more in this area,” says Mat Thomas, the founder of ConcertPass, a mobile rewards platform for concerts and live events. “They might cost more, but the fans are more active. People are used to free things — now it’s about how you can engage in a two-way interaction.”

    Ben Cooper, the creative director and partner at Hfour Design Studio. One of his favorite festival activations allows fans to speak into a microphone and see their voice in lights. For venues, experiential activations can take a slightly different form. Beim worked on an activation at clubs for Absolut Vodka, creating a sculptural piece with the liquor bottles. Fans could put their finger on the center, and the sculpture would light up to the beat of their heart.

    “People are curious and playful, and in the last ten years we’ve been so focused on new tech and media, that we haven’t paid attention to the full person,” Alex Beim, creative director at Tangible Interaction, says. “We are creatures moving through space, and you can really engage people with their senses. Brands can make a real impact just by understanding this.”

    At Pueri Elemental, we believe that experiential activations are just one of many trends redefining the relationship between brands and promotional events. 

    Our product Bonk Fit, brings the idea of consumer engagement to another level. Bonk Fit is a pop-up inflatable with custom slip-on skins to make your brand fun, fresh and physical. It's a blank canvas that transforms your brand into a hands-on interactive experience. This high-energy promotional product is PPAI-Product Safety Aware and comes with one-year warranty.

    Offered in 1.5FT, 3FT and 5FT tall, Bonk Fit is new, cool and generates a-mazing buzz. We create fun and memorable experiences that people love to post and share with the world. Think 'word-of-mouth' gone wild. 

    Bonk Fit is portable, quick to assemble, and easy to transport from event to event. Custom skins are removable and interchangeable so create additional skins for multiple promotions to use on one core inflatable and save.

    Bonk Fit is great for brand activation, event giveaways, corporate SWAG, promo packs, trade shows, point of sale, mass and specialty retail, executive gifts, corporate gifting, recognition products, incentives and contests, training awards, festival giveaways, fan gear, sponsor gifts, sweepstakes, outings, fundraising events, senior fitness, assisted-living centers, youth sports, kids fitness, after-school programs, activity centers, daycare facilities, and so much more. 

    Skeeter Nut-Free gives kids with nut allergies a fun and memorable way to get even with the peanut and love a delicious alternative!

    20th Century Fox uses Bonk Fit at promotional events leading up to the movie release of Ferdinand, the giant bull with a big heart.

    Captain Morgan uses Bonk Fit for bar-crawl promotions in college football towns across the country and as thank you gifts for bar owners. 

    Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center brings fun and fitness to the Kids Club area at this pediatric cancer fundraiser with Bonk Fit. 

    Pueri Elemental offers a whole new twist on bowling during election season at this political fundraiser in Charleston, South Carolina. 

    Google makes branded limited edition Bonk Fit Android dressed in karate gi for sale in  

    In this crazy world of skyrocketing consumer expectations, companies are faced with two choices. Be a leader or a laggard. Lead and try to stay in front of rising expectations or fall behind and completely off the map. It is no longer possible just to meet the expectations of your customer. Merely meeting expectations is a myth. You either exceed or you fall short.

    How will you break through? Please tell us your thoughts in a comment below.

    Photo credit: Clark Tibbs



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