Cosmic Kids and Your Kids Still Crazy?!?

We have been loving us some Cosmic Kids around here but, after 4 weeks, we're in desperate need of another physical activity to get out the stir crazy. Bonk Fit to the rescue!

Bonk Fit is the top selling inflatable bouce-back punching bag with soft machine-washable cover and one-year warranty. Holla!

Here are just some of the ways kids are Bonk Fit to keep active and healthy during the Covid-19 crisis

Kick It Old-School


 Just 20 minutes of daily exercise is all a kid needs for good health and good sleep. Bonk Fit gives kids a positive place to get the energy out. We like to call it ‘exercise in disguise’. They'll punch and tumble, kick and chop until completely exhausted. You’re welcome.

Bonk It Real Good

 Jump Jump

You'll love the sturdy fabric skin that slips overtop and is preshrunk - toss it in with the laundry to keep it clean and looking new. Best of all, you can create different custom covers to mix things up and keep it fun.

That’s right, turn any image into a one-of-a-kind bounce back bag toy. Give your Bonk Fit inflatable a brand new look for half the cost … think holiday gift, birthday, family celebration - oh, the possibilities.  

Our design team rocks ... we'll work with you to create your very own custom design or choose from our award-winning Bonk Fit Collections. Our unique designs are inspired by trending concepts from around the world as well as beloved American classics, meaning one day you may feel like a Zombie Kid and the next day, you may want to go one-on-one with a Personalized Party Ninja. We've even got yoga-inspired unicorns!   

Our customer service is bar none. We know everyone has busy schedules, which is why our friendly staff is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  • Our website Live Chat makes it easier than ever to reach us immediately. 
  • Is email more your thing? 
  • Or, you can speak with an actual person by calling 866 639 1430.

Bonk Fit is produced in South Carolina by people like you and me. People who work hard and play harder; people who care about quality and craftsmanship; people who put a love for family and country first, always.

When you buy Bonk Fit, you're keeping us working!

My name is Donna Brin. I am owner of Bonk Fit and mom to two high-energy boys. They are my world. They are also my daily double shot of insanity. I developed Bonk Fit out of pure need; my boys needed a positive physical outlet and I needed a break. I know that I’m not alone.

I approach my business as I do my parenting … with honesty and empowerment. Being deliberate about supporting women-owned businesses puts real power behind action. Even if you’re not a woman, it’s not that hard to realize how important it is to support the people who do good, regardless of gender, and make sure this world is shaped in a way that all people may contribute. 

Has Cosmic Kids been your kids' goto for indoor physical activity?

Please share your experience in a comment below.

Photo credit: Eddie Kopp



















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