Homeschool Fitness & Learning Pop Up Inflatables

  • Homeschool Fitness & Learning Pop Up Inflatables

Homeschool Fitness & Learning Pop Up Inflatables

Best of Both Worlds

Combine fitness and learning into one fun activity for homeschoolers with Bonk Fit, durable inflatable punching bags PLUS slip-on 'skin' featuring colorful letters and numbers. It's perfect for kinesthetic learners! 

Offered in 3FT tall, Bonk Fit is an easy and effective way for educators to get students moving and physical through cardiovascular activities like boxing, kicking, jumping, and bouncing. Teachers in K-5 schools love Bonk Fit inflatables with alphabet skins to identify letters, associate letters with sounds, and form site words. 

With Bonk Fit numbers skins, groom mini-mathematicians by developing important early math skills like sequencing and counting. Students clap, snap, and Bonk to identify sound patterns; they sort colors, letters, numbers, and shapes to identify visual patterns, sharpen listening skills, instill direction-taking, and teach spacial awareness, all while getting an awesome workout indoors or outside!  

Kids don't have to be athletic, there aren't any complicated rules, it's portable and easy to store, and, Bonk Fit is great for the classroom and field.

Incorporate kinesthetic learning into your lesson plans today with Bonk Fit.

Bonk Fit Includes:

  • Inflatable. Made of high-performance polyurethane 
  • Custom Skin. Made of sturdy micro-fiber jersey-knit
  • One Year Warranty. Click here to learn more

Easy Setup 

Bonk Fit comes with pre-weighted base. All you need to do is inflate and you're ready to roll. For inflation, you can use an air mattress pump, inflator, air compressor, bike pump or a hearty set of lungs : ) Need a pump? We sell an electric pump. Goto Shop Extras on the menu bar above.

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Production time is typically 2 days. If you need it sooner, contact us - usually we can make it happen. There is no minimum order quantity. 

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