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  • Gag Gift Inflatable Punching Bag Gift

Gag Gift Inflatable Punching Bag Gift

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People Crazy? 

We've got the healthy remedy for the holidays. Turn your favorite photo into a one-of-a-kind inflatable punching bag of anyone or anything. Yah, we just went there. 

Bonk Fit is the rock 'em sock 'em bop bag toy you remember ... made for adults! Durable pop up inflatable punching bag PLUS slip-on fabric 'skin' printed with any quality image. Three sizes available: 1.5 FT (desk-bud), 3 FT (hip-check), 5 FT (in yo' face).

This portable punching bag is hilarious, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place. 

Buy This If: 

  • you're done with Covid  
  • Zoom is NOT your jam    
  • your bestie needs a laugh
  • kids are driving you insane 
  • epic celebration is cancelled

Be Your Best Self!


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We produce custom tees, hoodies, polos and more ... all in South Carolina. Booya!

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Review posted by Ryan D:

"Let's get down to brass tacks. I'm a buyer of quality American-made products and BONK FIT has delivered on their promise of greatness twice for me, with style. Some events beckon for next-level awesomeness and there are few products that can single-handedly transform the temperature from cold to ON FIRE. BONK FIT is one of them.

I won't bore you with context, but my brother's wife punched a BONK FIT of him (shirtless), while she wore a hulk fist and then she proceeded to dunk a basketball. All of this happened at the request of the best men (I'm 1 of 2), during the speech. Epic.

The awesomeness didn't end there. A hoard of kids then descended on the BONK FIT and waged war with it for the entire reception. They were death incarnate. One kid had an ax. No water or air leaked. None. And my brother's pecks were still glimmering in their high-resolution glory.

All of this is great, but what will keep me coming back is the customer service. In particular, it's because of the one they call "Donna". She either wrote the book or teaches the class on what it means to dominate customer service. She bested Hercules's 12 labors by doing them all, inside 48 hours (Ol' Herc took 12 years). I made a big ask of Donna and needed it done in days, not weeks and she tackled it almost as if she enjoyed it. Rare bird - this one they call "Donna".

Cheers Team BONK FIT, I'll be whack (see what I did there?).

How To Order

Upload your image (size 1 MB+). An original image yields the best results. We need a full image, please don't crop it. Use the message section for special instructions. We'll create a custom skin from your image and ship in approximately 2 to 5 working days. If you need it sooner, contact us - usually we can make it happen.   

Please note that shipments outside the US do not include duties or taxes. 

Bonk Fit Includes:

  • Inflatable. Made of high-performance polyurethane 
  • Custom Skin. Made of sturdy micro-fiber jersey-knit
  • One Year Warranty. Click here to learn more

Setup Is Easy 

Add Weight. We recommend play-sand or water. The fill valve is located on bottom. Use a standard funnel to direct desired substance into opening. For 1.5FT, add about 5 pounds. For 3FT, add about 8 pounds. For 5FT, add 18 pounds. Secure valve closed by pressing around parameter. Inflate. Use electric pump, air compressor, air mattress pump, inflator/deflator, or bicycle pump. The air valve is located on lower back. Inflate until firm. Slip-on Skin. Lineup side seams of skin with inflatable and wiggle down overtop. 

Ready-to-Go Options. We sell Bonk Fit with pre-weighted base. Please contact us for more information. We also sell an electric pump. Goto Shop Extras on the menu bar above.

Got Questions? Reach us now by Live Chat, toll free (866) 639-1430 x sales, or email 

Nature of Service. We cannot be held accountable if a user prints images for which they do not own the appropriate intellectual property rights or licenses. You agree that you should not rely on us where a potential rejection of your submission—which we may do for any reason at our sole discretion—would cause a loss to you. You release us from any liability for any losses arising from your relations with Bonk Fit and the custom product that we provide.

Thanks For Supporting USA-Made & Woman-Owned!

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