Inflatable Punching Bag Kids Gift Passover Toy

  • Inflatable Punching Bag Kids Gift Passover Toy

Inflatable Punching Bag Kids Gift Passover Toy

Heart-Healthy Passover

Watch kids burn off a ton of energy (and calories) while getting a daily dose of heart-healthy exercise with Bonk Fit inflatable punching bags. They'll box, bounce, rumble and tumble until exhausted. Shhh, they're getting a workout. You're welcome.

Bonk Fit is the rock 'em sock 'em bop bag toy you remember and so much more. Kid-tough pop-up inflatable PLUS slip-on fabric 'skin' that's machine-washable. Best of all, there's a one-year warranty! Click here for details.  

This toy gets kids energy out, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place. 

Buy This If: 

  • Your house is impeccably decorated for the holidays.  
  • Your house is filled with children all day everyday.
  • You're all about eating healthy and being healthy.  

Bonk Fit for Passover is the perfect 'get physical' holiday decoration for the whole mishpocha. It looks great in your house while providing a much-needed outlet for burning off a Seder meal.

Great for indoors and outdoors, kids are motivated to exercise in the living room, driveway, backyard, anywhere and anytime. It’s so much fun, kids don’t realize they’re working out! A sturdy fabric cover 'skin' is the coolest part; it’s removable and machine-washable so it’s super-easy to keep clean and fresh.

This Happy Passover Bonk is the perfect holiday decoration and festive workout partner. And, Bonk Fit comes with one-year warranty so if the inflatable breaks, you get a new one. Really! Click here for details.  

Parents and grandparents feel great about giving kids this durable PVC-free product, made by a mother inspired to create a fun workout experience at home. 

Bonk Fit Includes:

  • Inflatable. Made of high-performance polyurethane 
  • Designer Skin. Made of sturdy micro-fiber jersey-knit
  • One Year Warranty. Click here to learn more

Easy Setup 

Add Weight. We recommend play-sand, uncooked rice, kitty litter, or water. The fill valve is located on bottom. For solid fill, push a standard funnel through valve and pour in desired substance. For water fill, squeeze valve to hold open under faucet. Add about 7 pounds for 3FT inflatable. Add about 18 pounds for 5FT inflatable. Be sure to secure the valve closed by pressing around parameter. Inflate. Use electric pump, air compressor, air mattress pump, inflator/deflator, or bicycle pump. The air valve is located on lower back. Inflate until firm. Slip-on Skin. Lineup side seams of skin with inflatable and wiggle down overtop.

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