1 in 4 kids get less than 20 minutes of daily exercise. Kids need to move! An inflatable punching bag to the rescue? We loved it as kids, not so much as adults. We couldn't find one to last longer than 24 hours. So we made it ourselves, using high-performance urethane for the inflatable and adding a sturdy fabric 'skin' that easily slides overtop ... and it's customizable! We call it Bonk Fit, everyone calls it awesome. Bonk Fit makes exercise fun, easy and accessible for all ages ... young and the young at heart. You can Create Your Own skin using any quality image or choose a design from our award-winning Collections. Now available in 1.5 FT, 3 FT and 5 FT tall! Bonk Fit is American-made (in South Carolina) by a certified woman-owned company. 


DONNA BRIN • Chief Executive Bonk

... a former commodity sales trader turned fitness instructor and mother of two high-energy boys. Image that. She’s a certified member of the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce and earned an MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell. Her first concert was Bon Jovi in Long Island, NY. She wore bleached jeans and a bandana tied around one leg. Of course.

NICK BOROSH • Chief Creative Bonk

... a mind-blowing artist and super-dad. Having three award-winning kids of his own, Nick is passionate about creating products that keep kids moving and learning in life. He graduated from Appalachian State, studied at Wharton and his first concert was John Denver in Charlotte, NC. He knows all the words to "Leaving on a Jet Plane"