Thanks for buying Bonk Fit!

We proudly offer Bonk Fit customers a one-year limited warranty. Yes!  

What is covered?

This limited warranty covers issues due to Improper Workmanship of our new Bonk Fit polyurethane inflatable, under normal use, during the Warranty Period.  Improper Workmanship is defined as a separation, split or blow-out of the inflatable seam. Improper Workmanship does not include punctures, pierces, tares, holes or cuts, of any kind, in the polyurethane material, whether detectable or not. 
During the Warranty Period, if your polyurethane inflatable has an issue due to Improper Workmanship, under normal use, then we will either work with you to repair it or provide you with a one-time free replacement. 

What is not covered?

If your inflatable is GREEN in color, then it is not covered under this warranty. The green inflatable has been discontinued. You may upgrade to our polyurethane inflatable, covered by this one-year warranty. To order, goto Shop Extras above. 

This limited warranty does not cover punctures, pierces, holes or cuts of any kind in the polyurethane material of the inflatable. If the issue with your polyurethane inflatable does not stem from a Faulty Seam, then it is not covered under this limited warranty.  

This limited warranty does not cover purchases made at below MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) and products sold by unauthorized sellers on e-commerce platforms such as, but not limited to, Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and eBay. 

How long does coverage last?

  • Warranty Period is 365 days from original purchase date.
  • Repaired or replaced inflatables assume remaining warranty from original purchase date. 

    How to proceed?

    To report an issue with your Bonk Fit inflatable, please use Live Chat or email

    o be eligible for repair or one-time replacement, you are required to email us an image to clearly show the issue and a copy of your purchase receipt. If you are unable to find the issue or if we are unable to access the issue from the image you provide, then you are required to ship us the damaged unit for further evaluation. You are responsible to pay the cost of shipping. Replacements will not be given without proof of issue so do not throw out unit before contacting us.

    You are responsible to pay the shipping cost to receive a replacement inflatable.   

    Replacement inflatables are available for purchase. To order, goto Shop Extras on the menu bar above.