What is your typical turnaround time?

Our production time is 2 to 3 days. If you need it faster, contact us - usually we can make it happen. Reach us by Live Chat, toll free (866) 639-1430 or support@bonkfit.com 

Do you sell skins (fabric covers) separately?

Absolutely. Each Bonk Fit product has a dropdown to select 'Skin Only'.

Does Bonk Fit come with a product warranty?

Yes! Bonk Fit is covered by a one-year limited warranty. Click here to learn more.

Is Bonk Fit tested to comply with Prop 65?  

No. As a small business, we have not conducted the extensive testing of over 850 chemicals listed as harmful by the state of California. However, we do certify that Bonk Fit is a PVC-free product and free from heavy metal lead and phthalates, which are held as the major concerns under The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Even still, we are required by law to post the following warning: this product can expose you to chemicals including Tris (1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) Phosphate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

What is the inflatable made of?  

Polyurethane. This is the same high-performance material used to make hydration packs like CamelBak. Bonk Fit is PVC-free and built-to-last.     

How much weight should I add?

For optimal bounce-back ... 1.5FT requires 4 pounds; the 3FT requires 7 pounds, and 5FT requires at least 18 pounds.

How do you fill the inflatable? 

Easy! Add Weight. We recommend using water if you’ll be transporting Bonk Fit to multiple locations, events etc. Otherwise, use a solid fill like play-sand. The fill valve is located on bottom. For water fill, squeeze valve to hold open under faucet. For solid fill, push a funnel into the valve opening. Use a funnel with "wide-neck" to greatly speed the fill process. For 1.5FT, add 4 pounds. For 3FT, add 7 pounds. For 5FT, add at least 18 pounds. Be sure to secure the valve closed by pressing around parameter. Inflate. Use electric pump, air compressor, air mattress pump, or bicycle pump. The air valve is located on lower back. Inflate until firm. Slip-on Skin. Lineup side seams of skin with inflatable and wiggle down overtop. 

Ready-to-Go Options. We sell Bonk Fit with pre-filled with sand. Contact us for more info. We also sell an electric pump. To order, goto Shop Extras.


How durable is Bonk Fit?  

Super-durable. Bonk Fit™ has been observed in a series of stress tests, including a seam test and inflatable burst test by a 3rd party lab, accredited by CPSC. In the seam test, technicians applied 15 pounds of force to within 1″ of the seam, for a period of 10 seconds without failure. In the burst test, technicians slowly pressurized Bonk Fit™ with air until failure was observed at 2.0psig and 1.65psig. 

Sometimes the base valve pops open?

A dab of Gorilla Glue gel works like a charm! First, open the air valve and let it sit for about hour - enough air should come out on its own. Turn the unit on its side, base valve up, and let your weight filler settle to the bottom. Open the valve and wipe the perimeter with a damp cloth. Add a thin layer of glue around the valve surface and press firmly to close. Be sure you press down around the entire perimeter of the valve to ensure solid closure. Re-inflate and you're good to go.     

I can't find the air leak?

Inflate to full capacity. Run your fingers along the side seam, up and down both sides, and over the top. Do the same thing around the circular base. You’re looking for a gap in the seal. If you’re not finding anything, then put your ear to the body of the inflatable and press in on both sides. You’re listening for a ‘hiss’. You’ll need to be in a quiet room for this … not easy to find in our house, lol.

Do you sell replacement inflatables?

Of course. Stuff happens ... which is why we give you free shipping if you buy a replacement. Goto SHOP EXTRAS to order.

Do you sell internationally?

We sure do. At checkout, use either Amazon or PayPal for payment. Please select FEDEX as the carrier and your desired level of service.

Is the skin machine-washable?  

You better believe it. Toss it in with your laundry. The fabric skin is already pre-shrunk.

What is your refund policy?

We do not accept returns. Products can be refunded only if the product arrives damaged. You may also request a replacement if a product arrives damaged, and a photograph of the damage must be provided. You must alert us of the damage within seven (7) business days of delivery to receive a refund or replacement. If a package is lost in transit, we will provide a replacement at our expense, but you will be required to pay shipping and handling fees. Custom orders are not eligible for refund, return or exchange. 

Where are you located?  

Our production facility is located in Little River, South Carolina. Our business address is 412 Highway 90 E, Little River, SC 29566 USA. Our registered business name is bFIVE40 LLC.