Can I buy a skin (cover) only?

Absolutely. Each Bonk listing has a drop down to select 'Skin Only. 

Do you sell inflatable replacements?

Of course. You'll need to contact us to do so. Reach us using live chat, call us toll free (866) 639 1430 or email

What's in the vinyl?  

Our vinyl is non-phthalate based, free from Bisphenol A (BPA) and contains up to 15% recycled content. Our vinyl is USA-made, no mystery ingredients here.  

Is assembly easy? 

Super-easy. Weight base; four (4) pounds required, we recommend play-sand, rice or beans. Inflate; use basic pump or hearty set of lungs. Slip skin overtop.

How durable is it?  

Super-durable. It's 3X tougher than other punching bags. Bonk Fit™ has been observed in a series of stress tests, including a vinyl seam test and inflatable burst test by a 3rd party laboratory, accredited by the CPSC. In the seam test, technicians applied 15 pounds of force to within 1″ of the seam, for a period of 10 seconds without failure. In the burst test, technicians slowly pressurized Bonk Fit™ with air until failure was observed at 2.0psig and 1.65psig. When filled with water and dropped from an elevation of greater than two feet, Bonk Fit™ is highly likely to burst. Don't do that.

Do you sell internationally?  

Yes. At checkout, you need to use either an Amazon or PayPal account to complete your purchase. For shipping to Canada and the UK, select the Flat Rate option. If further assistance is required, reach us using live chat or email us at

Do you have a warranty?  

Sure do. In the unlikely event you receive an inflatable that leaks or develops a leak within 30 days of purchase, we'll send you a free replacement straightaway. Really.

Is the cover machine-washable?  

Yes! Toss the cover in with your laundry. It's pre-shrunk so no worries about drying it on high.

Where are you located?  

South Carolina, baby! Our address is PO Box 835, Longs, SC 29568.