Reward Your Best Customers With Laughter

Bonk Fit is a portable fitness inflatable with form-fitting fabric skin you customize with any image or graphic design. Imagine that!

Who Loves to Bonk Fit?   

Google used Bonk Fit™, featuring the Android in a karate gi, as a super-fun holiday gift for employees. 

Nothing says happy year-end like a Custom Bonk Fit, featuring your entire company! Cheers to ZirMed for a super-fun way to reward employees.

Argent Associates gave their top clients of 2016 a Custom Bonk Fit, featuring their company tagline. Love it!

Ready to Order?  

Simply complete the checkout process. Once we receive your order, our design team will contact you to get started. Graphic designers; we have an InDesign template available. You can use the message section to request a template. Production time is 10 to 14 days.

Have Questions?

Reach us now by Live Chat, toll free at 866.639.1430 xSales (US only), or email at 

Nature of Service

We cannot be held accountable if a user prints images for which they do not own the appropriate intellectual property rights or licenses. You agree that you should not rely on us where a potential rejection of your submission—which we may do for any reason at our sole discretion—would cause a loss to you. You release us from any liability for any losses arising from your relations with Bonk Fit and the custom bonk product that we provide.

Thanks for Supporting American-Made!!

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