Bonk Fit Portable Pop-up Inflatable Boxer

  • Bonk Fit Portable Pop-up Inflatable Boxer

Bonk Fit Portable Pop-up Inflatable Boxer

Combat the Effects of Parkinson's

Bonk Fit is a portable pop-up inflatable with custom slip-on skin to help people with Parkinson's get moving, 'see' success, and have fun. This new high-performance inflatable boxer is RSB-coach approved and comes with one-year warranty! 

Bonk Fit is specially-designed to combat the effects of Parkinson's symptoms. Strategically-positioned bullseye targets help boxers to sharpen aim and focus.  Extreme sensitivity to movement makes Bonk Fit a great tool for increasing movement amplitude. Intense bounce-back action from punches and kicks translates neurologically, giving boxers a strong sense of satisfaction. Excellent for a group activity, encouraging fellow boxers to support one another and spur each other on. With Bonk Fit, boxers are motivated to rebuild strength and coordination one bonk at a time.  

Attend trade shows? Think of Bonk Fit as the ultimate custom sign, banner or flag. Put it this way … a retractable banner costs $300+. Some people look at it, most don’t read it. Bonk Fit costs far less and you just can’t not touch it! Seriously … curiosity takes over and the next thing you know, you’ve got everyone in your booth and at the table!

Available in three sizes: 1.5 FT (tabletop), 3 FT (seated), 5 FT (standing).   

With Bonk Fit, boxers 'see' their impact, feel success, and become empowered!  

Bonk Fit comes with sturdy fabric 'skin' that's machine-washable so it's easy to keep clean and sanitary. And, you can customize it! Three product design options are available:

1) Rock Steady Boxer Skin. For Rock Steady Boxing Affiliates only, the corporate RSB logo appears in up to three locations on helmet, centered on back, and across belly of size 3FT & 5FT only, as seen in our videos. We'll even incorporate your RSB affiliate logo into our boxer design at no extra charge! See image #9. 

2) Bonk Fit Boxer Skin. Our logo appears in two locations, on helmet and centered on back. See image #6 in the pictures above. 

3) Custom Boxer Skin. Upload your high-resolution logo above to appear in up to three locations on helmet, centered on back, and across belly of size 3FT & 5FT only. We incorporate your branding into our boxer design at no extra charge! See image #10 above. Great for senior fitness programs, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and more. 

To order, simply choose your product design, size, and quantity. Use Special Instructions section for notes to our design team. Upload art, if applicable. We will contact you, if need be. 

Bonk Fit Includes:

  • Inflatable. Made of high-performance polyurethane 
  • Skin. Made of sturdy micro-fiber jersey-knit
  • One Year Warranty. Click here to learn more
  • Free Fitness Content. Join Bonk Fit YouTube Channel

Easy Setup

Add Weight. We recommend using water if you’ll be transporting Bonk Fit to multiple locations, events etc. Otherwise, use a solid fill like play-sand. The fill valve is located on bottom. For water fill, squeeze valve to hold open under faucet. For solid fill, push a standard funnel through valve and pour in desired substance. For 1.5FT, add about 4 pounds. For 3FT, add about 7 pounds. For 5FT, add about 18 pounds. Be sure to secure the valve closed by pressing around parameter. Inflate. Use electric pump, air compressor, air mattress pump, inflator/deflator, or bicycle pump. The air valve is located on lower back. Inflate until firm. Slip-on Skin. Lineup side seams of skin with inflatable and wiggle down overtop. 

Ready-Go Option. We sell Bonk Fit complete with weighted base. Contact us for more information. We also sell a Quick-Fill Pump. Goto Shop Extras. 

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