Get Kids Dialed-In on the Soccer Field 

Bonk Fit™ is an coach-approved free-kick inflatable training mannequin to get kids focused and having fun on the soccer field. This high-performance soccer trainer is made from polyurethane and comes with a one-year warranty! 

Offered in 36" and 60" inches tall, Bonk Fit is great for endurance building, obstacle layouts, dribbling drills and more. Line 'em up side-by-side to create a defense wall. Great to use as goalie for practicing free kicks, especially when you have a small number of players. 

Plus Bonk Fit is portable, quick to assemble, and easily transported on and off the field. 


Bonk Fit comes with a form-fitting fabric 'skin' that easily slips overtop and it's customizable! There are two custom skin options available:

1) Custom Soccer Player Skin. Upload your high-resolution logo image and we will add it to our Soccer Player design. Your logo will appear in two locations, to replace the green circle located on the breast pocket and backside of the unit (see Soccer Player images). You can include special instructions in the designated section above.

2) Custom Design Skin. Either upload your high-resolution image and we'll turn it into a custom skin or use our design template to create your print-ready art. Then, we'll finalize and print it! Please request a template in the Special Instructions section above. Once we receive your order, our design team will email you the design template. 

Your Bonk Fit Includes:

- Durable Inflatable. Made of high-quality urethane 

- Custom Skin. Made of sturdy micro-fiber jersey-knit

- Discounts. Save on orders of 3 Bonk Fit or more  

- One Year Warranty. In the unlikely event that Bonk Fit develops a leak, we'll send you a free replacement. Click here for details.  

- Free Content. Get awesome game ideas, fitness drills, sports tips & more, on our YouTube Channel 

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Thanks Again for Supporting USA-Made and Woman-Owned! 

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