Replacement Inflatable Punching Bags for Bonk Fit

  • Replacement Inflatable Punching Bags for Bonk Fit

Replacement Inflatable Punching Bags for Bonk Fit

Stuff happens ... we get it.

That's why we give you free shipping with your replacement inflatable purchase. Simply enter discount code BFREPLACE at checkout and your new polyurethane inflatable ships for free anywhere in the US via USPS Priority Mail. Your new polyurethane inflatable is covered by a one-year warranty. Click here to learn more.   

Bonk Fit is the best fitness punching bag money can buy. Our inflatable is super-durable, made from high-quality polyurethane. This is the same material used to make air mattresses and high-performance hydration packs like CamelBak! It's PVC-free so no shower curtain smell.

Setup is easy.

Add Weight. We recommend using water if you’ll be transporting Bonk Fit to multiple locations, events etc. Otherwise, use a solid fill like play-sand. The fill valve is located on bottom. For water fill, squeeze valve to hold open under faucet. For solid fill, push a standard funnel through valve and pour in desired substance. For 1.5FT, add about 4 pounds. For 3FT, add about 7 pounds. For 5FT, add about 18 pounds. Be sure to secure the valve closed by pressing around parameter. Inflate. Use electric pump, air compressor, air mattress pump, inflator/deflator, or bicycle pump. The air valve is located on lower back. Inflate until firm. Slip-on Skin. Lineup side seams of skin with inflatable and wiggle down overtop. 

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